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Time and Attendance in the Cloud

– Secure remote access and storage

Our cloud-based application is completely customizable to your dealership, right down to the departmental level; use it to manage time and attendance and automate payroll administration for greater efficiency. Configurable alerts for employees and managers help you manage your team in real time, with cloud-based access anywhere, anytime.

It’s easy to activate and use

Simply log in and starting using it – no training required.

Quick biometric enrollment

It only takes a few minutes for your payroll administrator to enrol a new employee through a Fingerscan Time Clock using a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Cloud-based & centralized

No local IT infrastructure needed – just sign in from your smartphone, tablet or computer. All employee info is stored securely and remotely, so hardware failures at your facility have no impact on the availability or security of your data. With a cloud-base service, all future features and benefits are automatically delivered to you. 


Stay connected through any web-enabled device – the browser-based solution supports any screen size.

Report usability

Simple-to-use reporting allows users to get to the information they want easily. View summary reports to drill down to employee-level detail.

Real-time, customized alerts and notifications

Comply with labor regulations by sending real-time mobile notifications for mandated breaks. Send alerts to managers about employee absences, overtime triggers and shift exceptions to resolve in real-time. Information can be configured by shift and location to support varied compliance regulations, with electronic proof in case of an audit or employee claim.

Role-based views

Different views offer quick access to functions that are most important to different users including employees, department managers, payroll administrators and executives.

Employees can check hours worked the previous day, view upcoming shift, receive alerts for shift exceptions or submit vacation requests.

Department managers can see who is working at any given time (across all locations), resolve employee/shift exceptions, manage overtime and approve work hours for a designated department.

Payroll administrators can easily manage payroll approval processes across one or many locations, audit reports and effectively manage all pay-related issues. Payroll reporting allows administrators to easily pinpoint any outstanding issues to resolve before a payroll run.

Senior executives can see who is working across departments and locations in real-time, and view reports on consolidated payroll and overtime summaries.