Actual iD Fingerscan Time Clock

The Actual iD Fingerscan Time Clock represents a great leap forward in biometric technology. This robust solution is the first biometric device to offer dual-finger technology. Through its ‘Fusion Biometric’ algorithm the Fingerscan Time Clock allows for biometric success even in the most harsh working environments.

With a powerful Tri-CPU and elegant 5” touch screen, the Fingerscan Time Clock provides a fluid and straightforward experience for users, your employees. All log data is stored internally (up to 1,000,000 events) and can support even the largest employee populations with enough storage for up to 200,000 users.

The Fingerscan Time Clock also offers a wide array of convenient features such as: analogue videophone, door control, USB communication, and the ability to use the two fingerscan sensors independently in high traffic time and attendance settings.

Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology

Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology is a patented technology offering exceptional performance which far outperforms conventional fingerscan identification methods. The technology synthesizes and processes minutiae gathered from its dual-fingerscan sensors. This allows for the device to read from both sensors simultaneously and combine the data scanned creating a more reliable verification process.

Powerful Tri-CPU Parrallel Processing System

Its unique Tri-CPU system features parallel processing which allows the time clock to boost the matching speed in large-scale deployments. The Tri-CPU system is made up of one powerful 667MHz and two 400MHz CPU's to provide a massive 1.4GHz of computing power, this allows for exceptional performance in biometric computation as well as seamless operation for its sophisticated functionalities.

Ultra-wide Touch Screen LCD with Intuitive GUI

The 5.0” WVGA touch screen LCD has 384,000 pixels, a viewing angle of 140 degrees and resistive touch screen technology. The display panel has been designed to provide extreme usability and precision for high-traffic time and attendance systems. The aesthetically designed graphic user interface offers a user experience unlike anything you’ve seen on a time clock and makes it a perfect solution for various environments. The GUI also features a videophone interface, customizable wallpaper, video player, notice board and personalized messaging.

Time clock screen shots from Actual ID